Amazon AWS EC2 Scheduler

EC2 Scheduler to automate actions to EC2 Instances.

Are you an Amazon AWS User?

Do you need a reliable AWS Instance scheduling system that can save you both money and time? has developed an efficient, flexible, easy-to-use scheduler. You can run from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

You can save more money on AWS running costs by using Amazon AWS can significantly reduce your running costs, however, you can reduce costs even further by managing your usage of AWS services. Amazon AWS billing uses a pay-as-you-go system. By shortening the running time of an Instance, you can reduce costs.

The public Beta version of is available. Users will receive 50.00 Popaws Credits (equivalent to US$50.00, enough to cover over 500 scheduled actions) when the production version is publicly released. is a versatile action scheduler made for Amazon AWS users. It can schedule actions such as start/stop EC2 Instances to reduce running costs. Read more..
The responsive web design lets you work on various devices and screen sizes, large or small, mobile , tablet or desktop.